Monday, August 29, 2011

The Living Room: "Can Anyone See the Heart?"

So, this morning as the girls were getting dressed and I was hanging up clean clothes, Kate asked, "Can anyone see the heart?". It was one of those parental moments that I treasure being able to stay at home with my girls so I can help shape their beautiful little minds. Casually, while continuing to hang up clothes I launched into an explanation of how God sees our hearts-- when they are sad or happy, when they are gentle or unkind, etc.

When Kate didn't reply, I looked at her to see her thoroughly tangled up in her shirt-- and if you'll notice in the picture above, her shirt has a heart on it. Turns out, her question was simply about finding the front-side of her shirt...


  1. Too cute! :-) Love your blog Linnie! I am going to try the deodorant when I get home.

  2. Well if you use every opportunity you get regardless what she really means to teach her values for life ,it will definitely pay off ! Good job.