Monday, August 29, 2011

The Kitchen: Get Kids to Eat Healthy Food....Party Packs!

A few months ago my husband had a brilliant solution to making a "let's just eat left-overs" dinner sound exciting to the girls. He prepared for them with much enthusiasm Party Packs. These are without a doubt their favorite meals now, and we are often begged to make them!

A Party Pack consists of small amounts of a variety of healthy foods.

Kate's current favorite food is a whole carrot "shaved, not cut!"

Kate's lunch party pack:
a ham roll
a slice of cheese
a whole carrot

Kylie always eats the hummus first, not using it as a dip :)

Kylie's party pack:
a ham roll
a slice of cheese

I generally make these with things the girls like and what we have on hand. They almost always finish every bite!!

What ideas do you have for helping your kids eat healthy?

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  1. I'm convinced that I was tricked into thinking that I liked healthy foods.

    As a kid, vegetables always consisted of something like, broccoli covered in cheese, or buttery cauliflower, etc. Healthy food + unhealthy topping. Now, as an adult, I see broccoli and think, hey, I like broccoli! Thanks to the magic of cognitive dissonance, I'm not going to admit to just liking the cheese on the broccoli, instead I must have liked the broccoli itself.

    Of course I realized all of this trickery too late :) now I just eat my broccoli and like it.

    -Ben B