Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ideas for "Crazy Hour"

I don't know about for you, but most days at our house, sometime between 4-5pm, we hit "crazy hour".  At this time, the girls are typically antsy to do something, maybe a little cranky after waking up from naps, definitely not ready for bed, but not peaceful playtime partners either...  we are all ready for Daddy to come home (especially mommy!)

I was thinking about this and thought I would come out of hibernation in my blogging and share my "go-to" ideas for this hour:

1. a dance party (inspired by my friend Becca, whose work did this everyday at 4pm... I blare my pandora disney channel and go nuts)

2. get the kids in the tub (makes things less hectic after dinner, and the girls LOVE the water.  I always close the shower curtain at the end and let them go wild splashing...)

3. build a fort (always a favorite)

4. pop popcorn (and then eat it. may spoil a little dinner, but everyone's happier at the table!)

5. do a 27 fling boogie (

6. sit and color (this is actually theraputic for mom, too! sometimes we make a card for Daddy.)

7. read a book together on the couch (I will only read each book once a day)

8. cut out pictures of things you like from magazines, catalogs, coupons, etc. (I cut coupons while the girls cut out things they like...)

9. play search and rescue (kind of like hide and seek but entails a flashlight, a dark room, and typically a lot of screaming...)

10. if all else has failed, turn on a movie :)

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