Friday, August 26, 2011

The Bathroom: Homemade Deodorant

I grew up an antiperspirant "powder fresh scent" kind of girl, and it has always worked pretty well for me. (I guess you can ask my family what they think...) When we lived in Colorado, many friends switched to just all-natural deodorant without the antiperspirant to leave behind the aluminum. While research hasn't supported the idea that using an antiperspirant is linked with cancer or Alzheimer's, I've always been curious about the different approaches people have had to squelching the stench-- stones, essential oils, etc.

This summer, a girlfriend of mine shared how she had made her own deodorant and had been using it for 6 months with great results. I asked her to show me how, and I was so surprised with how easy it is! I think it works just as well as antiperspirant.

Homemade Deodorant Recipe:
1/4 cup corn starch
1/4 cup baking soda
6 tbsp coconut oil
3 drops tea tree essential oil
max 7 additional drops of essential oils in scent of your choice. I did lavender.

Combine ingredients, stir well, store.

Additional thoughts:
Costs around $1 for a 6 month supply
I bought a small mason jar to store mine
No more yellow stains on your shirts (you may have thought this came from sweat, but its actually from your antiperspirant!)
Will harden or liquify based on room temperature, so you may have to blow dry it for a few seconds to get it to soften so you can put it on if your house is cold.

What do you think? Is making your own deodorant a little "too crunchy" as my husband puts it? (Meaning a little too granola...)

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  1. I will definitely be trying this. I am so excited!!!