Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Schoolroom: Letter of the Week: F

This year I decided to try out some preschool home school with our girls.  They go to preschool two days a week, but with as much as they love to learn and with as active as they are, I've found having some planned learning activities really helps to fill our day and give us some direction.  There are so many amazing blogs and websites with ideas!  One of my favorites is Confessions of a Homeschooler
We've been doing a letter each week, and this week was "F".  
So, we made fish with "F"s for the fin.

Then we went on a walk and chose a good rock.
Then the girls put their fish and rock in a tupperware full of water-- their own fish bowls...

The girls loved it.  No fish was belly-up by morning.  It was a hit...

We also made a sticker collage using flag stickers, flower stickers, fish stickers, and letter "F's".  Stickers are so fun for the girls and peeling off the paper is actually really good for their fine motor skills.

We also began an ABC journal where Kate and Kylie relay a story for me and I write down verbatim what they say.  Here's a glimpse into their story about the letter "F":

We made "f" for fins on our fishes with googley eyes.  Then we found rocks and mommy took pictures of our rocks.  Then the fins fell off and mommy had to keep putting them on over and over and over.  We have our own fish tanks.  They are mean fish and they bite us.  We told them to not be mean so they'll be nice to people and friendly.  And they know how to bite elbows and they hurt so people had to put them in tanks.  I love watermelon, that's a fruit, which also starts with "f".

Anyone have any creative ideas for G?

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