Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Kitchen: My New Ninja Blender

My newest kitchen find is the Ninja Professional Blender.  Well, it actually became my husband's great find as we just had our sixth anniversary, which for those of you who don't know is the steel anniversary.  So, at my suggestion this was our "happy sixth anniversary, let's get a new blender because our newlywed one just broke" kind of a gift...

My husband thought this was kind of a "man" kitchen accessory because of having "Ninja" in the name and the wattage being so high.  It can grind up half an apple and whole carrots and shred cubed ice into snow, it has six blades, and I am pretty sure you can hear manly grunts while its working... so he was excited about it.

Upon closer inspection, however, the ninja warrior image on the box actually has a high ponytail, so I am convinced she is actually a ninja mom and I have had a lot of fun around the house being creative with the title as a result...

Anyway, this blender has been fabulous for us!  We have been drinking smoothies like crazy.  It can handle pretty much anything I throw in it and I love the consistency of our smoothies...  I haven't tried this yet, but apparently you can pour in 16 oz. of peanuts and turn it on low for 3 minutes and you'll have peanut butter.  I am eager to see how it does making baby food.  It retails just about everywhere for $99, but we found it at Bed, Bath, & Beyond on sale for $79 and with a 20% off coupon (did you know they always take expired ones??) It was only $63.  Still more than your $20 blender that smells like something is melting and has huge ice chunks in it, but a pretty good price for the product if you ask me!


  1. Linnette-don't want to freak you out that I just saw a link to these awesome blog posts and clicked on it and your blog rocks! great ideas and your family and little girls are so beautiful and seem so fun! My husband wanted to get a ninja blender a while back and i wasn't all for it because i didn't know much about it i guess..but now i am all for it and i told him we could make our own pb! Coolness! -Love, Brittany Weber (met you at Mtn Life Church just before you moved away)

  2. so great to reconnect, Brittany! thanks for your encouragement with the blog. how's your little one?